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About Parental Controls

The Best Parental Control Technology

Good TV is proud to have developed market leading technology which gives consumers and parents greater insight into what a film or TV show contains before you push the play button.


Every title contains our unique Insights Panel, which displays a rating between 1 and 5 for the level of language, violence, sexual and adult themes contained within a title. Simply look for the Insights Panel while browsing through our library of titles.

Parental Controls

Our Insights technology allows you as a parent to have greater input into what your kids are able to watch on Good TV.

You can easily manage your family's viewing by creating profiles for each person in your family. Once created, the system will automatically request each family member to click their profile and enter their password - following which we'll only offer that person films and shows according to your pre-selected criteria.

When creating each family member's profile, you can select the level of language, violence, sexual and adult themes you feel comfortable with them viewing. When you enter the child's birthday, our system automatically recommends values, which you can then modify if you choose.

You can easily add credit to each family member's wallet in your account settings, allowing you to control how much gets spent by each child and provides a great tool for pocket money or a a fantastic incentive for chores. You can also select if you are comfortable for that member of your family to charge your saved credit card with purchases, if they don't have enough credit in their wallet, and if they are able to administrate the family account.

Language Scale

1. Minor bad language (e.g. Douche-bag)
2. Minor bad language (e.g. Crap, Bugger, Damn)
3. Moderately bad language (e.g. S**t)
4. Significant language (e.g. F**K)
5. Extreme and/or frequent bad language

Violence Scale

1. Minor negative contact, isolated punch/gunshot
2. Multiple punches/gunshots
3. Minor explicit contextual violence
4. Explicit contextual violence, Isolated gratuitous violence
5. Significant gratuitous violence

Sexual Themes Scale

1. Partial nakedness (e.g. bikini), On-screen kiss
2. Discrete nakedness (e.g. blurred/from behind), sexual humour
3. Impled sex (e.g. the morning after), more discrete nakedness
4. Discreet sex scene, front nakedness
5. Multiple discreet sex scenes, gratuitous sex
Note: Each level may contain some or all of the events listed.

Adult Themes Scale

1. Implied death, alcohol seen, war theme, toilet humour
2. Death discussion, drug references, minor criminality
3. Alcohol abuse, drugs seen, further criminality themes
4. Suicide references, gratuitous war, minor drug abuse
5. Gratuitous death, further drug abuse, other significant and disturbing sexual themes
Note: Each level may contain some or all of the events listed.
This rating is also adjusted to reflect the themes of the movie.

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